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Meet My Character: Gabriel McRay

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I was invited onto this hop by award-winning author D.J. Adamson, whose novel Admit to Mayhem is a seriously great read about Lillian Dove, who struggles with alcoholism and runs across a crime she's forced to try and solve .  Good luck, right? But Lillian is stronger than she thinks. DJ has two novels due out in the fall of 2014. Visit DJ's Blog to learn more about Admit to Mayhem

Let's Now Meet Gabriel McRay

Where we first meet Gabriel

 Gabriel has his flaws.  He was fired from the job he loves (that of being homicide detective) because he couldn't control his temper and used excessive force.  His relationships with women stink -- he's divorced.  He's emotionless in the bedroom. He doesn't try to improve his lifestyle, he mostly hides from the world.  What do we like about Gabriel when we first meet him? Not much. 

But we do realize fast that Gabriel is not only hiding from life, but from something in his own past that is haunting him. Something he cannot remember.  Because of his job termination, he's mandated to see a psychologist.  That begins Gabriel's journey to try to eradicate his inner demon.  Gabriel has a strong sense of right and wrong, even if he stumbles once in a while. He is sympathetic to the victims of the crimes he solves (he does get hired back). He soon realizes he was victimized himself.  And with that knowledge, he continually tries to better himself, to be a happier man, and that redeems him in our eyes.

His psychological journey and the mysteries in the book are interwoven.  I believe that every life experience, good or bad, empowers us in some way and helps us to grow spiritually. That's why the cases Gabriel solves must impact whatever point he's at in his recovery.  It's not an easy scenario to create, but I try.

You can read an excerpt here: 

The Dark Before Dawn 

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Hop on over to the extremely talented Craig Faustus Buck 

to meet his characters!

   Craig Faustus Buck is an L.A.-based author and screenwriter.   His short story "HoneymoonSweet" is the featured story in this year's Bouchercon anthology, and his short story "Dead End," is a nominee for Best Short Story at this year's Anthony Awards. His first noir novel, Go Down Hard, First Runner Up for Killer Nashville's Claymore Award, will be published by Brash Books in 2015.  He's written an Oscar-nominated short film and co-authored two #1 NYT nonfiction bestsellers.   Craig's Website and Craig's Facebook

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