Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Community of Writers

It’s a cold world out there sometimes and in the field of writing – downright frigid sometimes.   Creative artists hit brick walls much of the time (rejections, criticisms, etc.) but there is a narrow passage through that wall which is very refreshing. It’s called the writer’s community.   Most writers I’ve encountered online are eager to support their fellow authors. I was rather surprised at this.  Maybe it was because of that certain Hollywood, California writer’s group I was in for five minutes.  After being invited in by the semi-famous moderator, whom I met at a conference and who liked my writing, I attended my first and only meeting.  I think I was at the whine and cheese table when a “fellow writer” came up to me and said, “Don’t get too comfortable.  We compete highly for the moderator’s attention and just because you join, doesn’t mean you’re going to get read. In fact, you probably won’t.”
Wow, them’s fightin’ words. Only I wasn’t up for a fight. I simply wanted to join a community of writers. That was my first experience in such a group. I said goodbye to the moderator, who was the only one that seemed sorry to see me go.   Fast forward a few years, and I’m online, searching for help through cyberspace.  I come across authors like Seth Harwood of and Sunny Frazier who don’t have a problem giving out good advice that’s not tainted with ego.  Most people are just that: people; humans behind the blog.  I find it a strange phenomenon and somewhat super cool that you can actually feel warmth behind the computer screen.  My advice if you are a lost writer?  Reach out to the incredibly vast network of support out there.  Don’t be afraid to ask folks “how they do it.”  Someone may just take your hand and help you punch a few bricks out of that brick wall.