Saturday, July 26, 2014

A new publishing company

The publishing world is in an evolution and during periods of change, start-ups and independents have a chance to squeeze in between the giants who have dominated.  I decided to take an old-time approach to publishing creative artists and FYD Media is what was born of that decision.

The one thing that self-publishing has taught me is that you only have yourself to fall back on.  The other thing I learned is that you have to have an absolutely finished product, shining, beaming, PERFECT, if anyone is going to pay attention to you. 

But what if you have a great story, but you need polishing?  Of course, that's what editors do. But what if you need help with social media? That's what publicists do. An author can buy just about any kind of service now -- blog tours, publicists for $20K, editors, copy editors, but who is quarterbacking the entire process?  Who oversees each step with an eye to a brand and keeps the focus on the big picture?  You have to be a savvy brand maker AND a good author to play quarterback on your own project.  It's not easy.

I decided to follow the hit makers of old. I don't munch on a cigar with my feet up on my desk and bark orders to underlings.  I have no underlings.  But I am going to play quarterback and take authors (2 so far) through the entire process, from editing to marketing.  Daryl Glinn Tanner and Joy Ruth Mickelson have joined Team FYD.

Can you guess what FYD stands for?  Follow Your Dreams, of course!


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