Monday, April 16, 2012

I just returned from DC and, having never been there before, I was amazed to see up close and personal, all the buildings of agencies I’ve written “dislike” mail to.  What has this got to with a community of writers?  Well, just that.  To be an author means you can also compose a good letter and then you’ll find that the pen truly is mightier than the sword.
Even if you are a fiction writer, you’ll know how to put words effectively on a page. Writing is a way we express ourselves, not only through fiction, but to venture an opinion.  Some people are great orators (our current president is one).  They know how to speak, they look good on camera, and they wear nice ties.  Authors can be just as effective. I visited the Newseum (  and was treated to a vast array of captured journalistic  moments, I mean monumental moments. It’s sort of mind-boggling. As an author, you have the gift to contribute to that. 
Now, I’m no journalist. I’d much rather space out within the confines of my current fictional tome, but, as I stated before, I’m an avid letter-writer.  If you are political at all, join (  You can write all your representatives in about 30 seconds.  You can also get on your own soapbox and let the world know your views (or how crazy you are).
I’m pretty crazy myself. One day, I’ll have to post my fabulous letter to the Federal Trade Commission.  In short, it had to do with why they have ignored the anti-trust laws that are supposed to protect us from monopolies. That one got a response from Senator Dianne Feinstein. 
 I hear people say, “I can’t make a difference so why bother? No one is going to listen.”  It’s true that one ant cannot fight against the giant foot that is stepping on the picnic, but a colony of ants can do some damage.  So, if you see or hear something that stirs you up, utilize your gift of writing to make a difference. I bet you are wondering why the blog’s title has to do with ED. I myself often notice that in Washington DC there seems to be a lot of talk but a lack of performance. 

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