Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Community of Writers

It’s a cold world out there sometimes and in the field of writing – downright frigid sometimes.   Creative artists hit brick walls much of the time (rejections, criticisms, etc.) but there is a narrow passage through that wall which is very refreshing. It’s called the writer’s community.   Most writers I’ve encountered online are eager to support their fellow authors. I was rather surprised at this.  Maybe it was because of that certain Hollywood, California writer’s group I was in for five minutes.  After being invited in by the semi-famous moderator, whom I met at a conference and who liked my writing, I attended my first and only meeting.  I think I was at the whine and cheese table when a “fellow writer” came up to me and said, “Don’t get too comfortable.  We compete highly for the moderator’s attention and just because you join, doesn’t mean you’re going to get read. In fact, you probably won’t.”
Wow, them’s fightin’ words. Only I wasn’t up for a fight. I simply wanted to join a community of writers. That was my first experience in such a group. I said goodbye to the moderator, who was the only one that seemed sorry to see me go.   Fast forward a few years, and I’m online, searching for help through cyberspace.  I come across authors like Seth Harwood of and Sunny Frazier who don’t have a problem giving out good advice that’s not tainted with ego.  Most people are just that: people; humans behind the blog.  I find it a strange phenomenon and somewhat super cool that you can actually feel warmth behind the computer screen.  My advice if you are a lost writer?  Reach out to the incredibly vast network of support out there.  Don’t be afraid to ask folks “how they do it.”  Someone may just take your hand and help you punch a few bricks out of that brick wall.


  1. How heartbreaking was your first foray with the writing community! Now that you're past that experience, welcome to the chummy world of writing pros, cons and amateurs. We know it's a tough business so it's smart to team up with peers who soon become friends.
    Welcome to the Posse. Here's some folks that I'm sure will want to meet you.

  2. Thanks, Sunny. You truly live up to your name -- (okay, how often do you get that?)

  3. Laurie, welcome to the Posse...we love having you here. There is no vie for the attention of Sunny. She cares about each and everyone of us, and we her deputies, care about her and the rest of the Posse. So as Sunny says, "saddle up," lady you are in the groove...Augie

  4. All the time!

    Some Posse members are having trouble posting to your site. Stephen B. says: "Sorry, I’m having trouble posting comments. I can’t seem to get it to do anything. I just wanted to say, Hollywood can be harsh and I’m glad she found better company."

  5. From Angela R.: "Oh Laurie, that's horrible. I hope you soon realize it's not typical of the writing community. It is a tough business and recongizing that, most of us are happy to help others learn and grow and succeed. There isn't an author out there who hasn't been guided by a stronger and more successful author. It's our pleasure and our responsiblity to do the same for others. Take heart, the good ones are waiting for you!"

  6. Hi Laurie,

    If you are anywhere near the IE, make it a point to get connected to us at the San Gabriel Literary Festival (FB page, please join), Mt. Sac College, creative writing department, the Creative Writer's Club of California, (Brothers and) Sisters in Crime, etc. There are so many inclusive writers and writing groups. I host two in Claremont-- come visit us.

    With community, we flourish. Alone, we tend to wither.

    Be in touch via FB Page: Marta Chausée please friend me.

    Marta Chausée
    Resort to Murder, a Maya French mystery

  7. Hi!
    I got to say that yes, some writing communities (even online) are just full of snobby writers who want to bring you down because it is a way they can bring themselves up.
    It's like getting bullied only a much bigger spectrum.
    The great part is there are people out there like Sunny (and I would like to include myself) who work towards helping other authors reach whatever dreams and goals they set for themselves.
    I have written posts on my blogs that give insight into getting books into Barnes and Nobel which isn't something all people do. They think by making it all secretive that they will get further. It's because they are afraid and insecure though. And that's more reason to look at them and say it'll be ok, someday you'll see your mistakes.
    Lucky for us, not EVERYONE is like that. :) I'm glad you found a place (the posse) to come to and share your stories, ideas, events, etc.

    If you like you can keep in touch with my on fb at

    or just head over to my website at

    I'm always here to help.

    <3's and fangs,
    Liz ^_^

  8. The Posse offers a different attitude. Saddle up and join Sunny and crew.

  9. Good thing you encountered the caring of writers like Sunny and the posse before you became too disappointed. We are all here to help each other and those few you run across who aren't certainly don't represent the rest of us.
    Glad you could join us before it was too late. lol

  10. Jack Everette from across the pond wanted to chime in: "Some people say pull up a chair whereas here in the posse we say climb into a saddle. Welcome Laurie to the friendliest community of authors on God's earth."

  11. Good story about a mean writer's group. Mean people suck and some of them are mean people who do creative work.

  12. We should celebrate the fact that writing is not a competitive sport! We're here to give each other help.

  13. Wow, I can tell that now I'm in good company. Feel free to leave your websites etc. on this. Shameless plugs are welcome.

  14. Kat Hinkson wanted me to add: "Laurie,
    Welcome to the Posse. We are a supportive group. If you have a question or a problem the Posse and Sunny are a great to ask. You'll get lots of opinions and answers. Everyone is helpful and friendly. If you need a kick in the seat of the pants, you'll also get that here too....I a loving way."

  15. I never mind a kick in the pants as long as it's well-placed...